Alex Jones Admits His Alt-Right Lunatic Schtick Is Just An Act, “It Is Performance Art”

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Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, is currently in a child custody battle with his ex-wife, Kelly Jones. Kelly—as could easily be guessed—is afraid of Alex’s behavior around her kids. As the Austin-American Statesman reports:

In emotional testimony at the hearing, Kelly Jones, who is seeking to gain sole or joint custody of her three children with Alex Jones, portrayed the volcanic public figure as the real Alex Jones.

“He’s not a stable person,” she said of the man with whom her 14-year-old son and 9- and 12-year-old daughters have lived since her 2015 divorce. “He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin’s neck. He wants J-Lo to get raped.

“I’m concerned that he is engaged in felonious behavior, threatening a member of Congress,” she said, referring to his recent comments about California Democrat Adam Schiff. “He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast.”

According to Mr. Jones’s lawyers, he’s just faking it—playing a character to drive up ratings. This is the guy who said that Hilary Clinton was a cannibalistic pedophile, and that “Michelle Obama is a man” who killed Joan Rivers, and even encouraged Trump to use violence to get what he wants.

Even if he is just playing a character, it’s pretty clear why Kelly feels that her children aren’t safe around him, mentally or physically.

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