White House Spokeswoman Gets DESTROYED After Trying To Explain Trump’s Wiretap Accusations, THIS IS PAINFUL!

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This is cringeworthy.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see Press Secretary Sean Spicer on any of the Sunday morning shows, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Spicer would have been forced to answer questions that he has no answer to.

Instead, we saw Spicer’s deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who appeared on ABC’s This Week, which was hosted by Martha Raddatz. However, she was not successful in her attempts to soften Trump’s claims, which he reportedly learned from a Breitbart story that parroted a right-wing radio host’s conspiracy theory about a “silent coup” on behalf of Obama.

Right away, Sanders wasn’t convinced by Obama’s unequivocal denial that “neither I nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen.” She didn’t offer any proof, but rather, she simply asserted that Obama “doesn’t have the best track record.” So, host Martha Raddatz demanded to know why Trump’s unfounded accusations weren’t posed as a hypothetical but as if they were rooted in fact: “Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower.”

Sanders: “I think that this is, again, something that if this happened, Martha…”

Raddatz: “If, if, if, if. Why is the president saying that it did happen?”

Sanders: “I think he is going off information he’s seen that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential. The American people have a right to know if this took place.”

Raddatz: “The president believes it is true?”

Sanders: “His tweet speaks for itself. He’s talking about, could this have happened?”

Raddatz: “He’s saying — once again, he said it did happen.”

At that point, Sanders alluded to the White House’s Sunday morning statement about how Trump is demanding that Congress investigate his baseless accusations against the Obama White House. As the official White House rep on this issue, Sanders favored a more diplomatic response than we’d get from Spicer:

“All we’re asking is we get the same level of look into the Obama administration and the potential that they had for a complete abuse of power that they’ve been claiming that we’ve done over the last six months … And time and time again, there’s no evidence or wrongdoing. The FBI says this is B.S. Yes, you guys continue to hammer and hammer of some false idea and false narrative that there’s something there when, frankly, there just isn’t.”

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