Watch Seth Meyers RIP The Media Apart For Praising Trump, “Don’t Get Fooled Again”

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Seth Meyers tackled Donald Trump’s speech to Congress on last night’s show, and he wasn’t happy.

Meyers first remarked on how cameras caught Trump practicing his speech in the car on the way to the House chamber. “They’re talking like they’re watching a gorilla at the zoo,” Meyers said of the MSNBC pundits who marveled at Trump’s ability to read aloud.

“As we know, Trump has spent the past year and a half lowering the bar when it comes to public speaking. So the fact that Trump managed to sustain a muted tone, that, for any other politician would be considered unremarkable and even a little boring, was itself seen as a huge victory last night.”

Meyers then mocked the media for “obsessing” over Trump’s “tone.” In response to pundits like Van Jones and Chris Wallace, who both said Trump “became the president of the United States” last night, Meyers said, “I bet there are some Muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in fucking January.”

“Seriously, do you have amnesia? Did you forget all the other times you’ve said the exact same thing? And maybe Lucy really will let me kick the football this time.”

“Despite all their tangles with the Trump administration, and the relentless abuse they’ve gotten from Trump himself,” Meyers added, “there are still many in the media who are desperate to treat him like any other president.”

Instead of following suit and praising Trump for sounding somewhat “normal,” Meyers said the speech was “heavy on empty promises and light on substance.” To the media, he warned, “Let’s not get fooled again. We’ve been here with Trump before.”

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