Watch Sen. Chuck Schumer EVISCERATE Donald Trump’s Speech, “He Is Detached From Reality”

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Senator Chuck Schumer knocked Donald Trump’s first speech to Congress, saying that there’s a gap between the president’s rhetoric and his administration’s actions.

Schumer said:

“The speech and reality have never been more detached in a presidential speech. It really doesn’t matter what he said. This is like the campaign, and he says one thing but as he governs it’s another.”

He noted that while Trump talked about infrastructure Democrats haven’t “heard a peep” from the White House about a proposal they rolled out earlier this year.

Schumer also pointed to Trump’s rhetoric on a myriad of issues—including currency manipulation, education, his budget and his pledge to “drain the swamp”—as out of line with the early actions of the administration.

“His government is filled with, if you will, swamp creatures. This speech, like his inauguration speech…It’s sort of forgotten because everything he’s done has been different.”

Schumer argued that the “people are not looking for a speech” but want to know what the administration will accomplish.

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