WATCH: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Gets Thrown Out Of The State Department For Asking About Russia

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Transparency…who needs that in Donald Trump’s administration!?

Despite the Trump Administration’s claims to the contrary, it is now known that at least 5 members of Trump’s inner circle, including himself, had contact with Russian government officials before he assumed office. While President Trump calls the story “fake news”, the Russia-Trump connection has proven to be anything but, as already National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was forced to resign amid allegations he had violated the Hatchet Act.

Via Addicting Info: Ignoring questions and treating the press like dirt has seemingly also spread to the State Department, and on Tuesday morning, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell alongside several others from the press were herded up and bullied out, all the while no questions were answered.

Mitchell tried to get a few pressing answers from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. She asked:

“Can you respond to the threats from China?”

“Can you be sure the Trump administration will be strong against Vladimir Putin?”

“Can you assure us that Russia will not be able to move further in Ukraine?”

You can then see Mitchell grabbed by the arms and escorted out while saying:

“We haven’t had any time in here.”

Trump’s strange obsession with speaking admirably about Russian President Putin amid his administration’s constant denials that there is any controversy make the “Russia” controversy extremely suspicious. Trump has most recently tried to draw attention away from the Russia story by alleging that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in advance of the election. The truth is more unsettling, a FISA court approved tapping conversations by top members of Trump’s team, this means they had probable cause to believe there was criminal wrongdoing occurring.

As recently as today, it was found that Trump had a meeting with a Russian government official, something he claimed had definitively not happened.

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