Washington Post Drops New Trump BOMBSHELL, This MUST Be Investigated

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During the presidential election of 2016 then candidate Donald Trump was faced with a wide variety of accusations. There were the dozens of women who had come out of the woodwork to accuse him of different instances of sexual misconduct, to which he mostly brushed aside. However, there was another damning document created by a former MI6 agent that detailed a variety of dirty dealings Trump had been participating in with the Russian government. After the document was released to the public the individual who published it went underground to avoid any reprisals from Trump, or from those who were also named. According to a new report, there was much more to the creation of the damaging Trump document than met the untrained eye.

According to the Washington Post the MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, had been contracted through the FBI to continue his investigation into Trump. However, those payments never made it to Steele’s account as the FBI cut off the payment after Steele’s original document became public.

The FBI’s interest was not particularly focused on Trump, but on the connections to Trump via the Russian government. They could not have an appearance of impropriety by associating with Steele and they were forced to cut ties. The FBI did not believe their conversations with him would ever become public, but in a never-ending news cycle these stories have a way of eventually coming out despite their subject’s best efforts to halt the publication.

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