Veteran Who Served 2 Tours In Afghanistan Fighting Deportation, THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!

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A two tour military veteran is facing deportation thanks to President Trump’s new deportation policies.

Via ABC7: Army Private 1st class Miguel Perez, Jr., was born in Mexico and grew up in Chicago. On Monday, Perez faces a deportation hearing because he committed a non-violent drug offense, his family said.

Perez represents thousands of green card veterans who face deportation, according to a press release by Ashley’s Memory Project, which was started by the immigrant mother of a deceased veteran, and a local church. They said many enlist with the promise of citizenship.

Miguel Perez Jr, having enlisted in the armed forces with the promise of citizenship now lives under a Trump administration that has made it’s explicit goal to reduce the ability for new citizenship across the board.

“He’s more American than most of us standing here, because he did pick up arms to defend this country,” Perez’s mother told reporters.

Perez served two tours in Afghanistan and now suffers from PTSD after being injured in an explosion while serving his country.

Via ABC7: The family said that Perez did not get the adequate medical attention when he returned home and turned to self medication with drugs and alcohol.

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