Trump’s White House Goes Into Media Lockdown, No On-Camera Briefings…THIS IS INSANE!

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The Trump Administration has gone into full damage control amid multiple controversies. It has been over a week since the White House has had an on camera press conference, while top Administration officials have opted not to make television appearances in recent days.

Via ShareBlue: The clampdown comes during a tumultuous, scandal-ridden week for Donald Trump and his team.

Trump pushed the conspiracy theory that anti-Semitic threats against Jewish community centers were a false flag operation.

He lied to a grieving widow, telling her that her Navy SEAL husband died to secure terrorist intelligence, when multiple government sources have contradicted that claim.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions turned out to have lied before a Congressional hearing about his meeting and interaction with a Russian official. As a result, Democrats called for him to recuse himself from ongoing Russian probes, and some have also called for Sessions’ resignation.

Democrats also raised concerns after new information came to light about possible corrupt interactions between Trump and China.

Trump claimed that oil pipelines would be built with “American steel,” but he has exempted Keystone XL from this requirement.

Vice President Mike Pence’s use of a private email address while serving as governor of Indiana was exposed, which showed his rhetoric about Hillary Clinton’s email during the campaign to be even emptier than it first appeared to be.

To top himself, Trump took to Twitter to make the claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Trump told close friends that he felt this was comparable to “Watergate” and that he would soon be vindicated once an investigation was conducted. Within days though, Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump would not accept the results of the investigation he had just requested unless he liked the results.

Compounding the “wire tapping” problems is why they existed in the first place. A FISA Court would have been consulted and signed off on a warrant to bug Trump Tower, not the Obama administration, which means that there was likely criminal conduct taking place among Trump’s inner circle.

Trump, a master of media optics, has tried to put the focus on the fact he was investigated so as to distract us from what the investigation may have found.

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