Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort’s Family ADMITS He Received “Blood Money” From Russia

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With the variety of scandals swirling around the administration of President Donald Trump, it can be easy for past scandals to slip between the cracks. During the heat of the presidential election, Trump’s original campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was forced to resign in disgrace after his connections to Russian criminals became a matter of public record. This story has mostly died off due to Trump’s never ending mill that churns out new scandals on a daily basis, but a new revelation into Manafort has brought the story back to life. Apparently, there are some newly uncovered text messages between Manafort and his daughters regarding his Russian connections and they are none too pleased with her father’s business dealings.

Jessica Manafort wrote in a text message which was posted to the Darknet by hackers, “I’m not a trump supporter but i am still proud of dad tho. He is the best at what he does.” Her sister, Andrea Manafort, had a less than glowing assessment of her father’s dealings. She called her father and President Donald Trump “the most dangerous friendship in America.” She went on to say, “The only reason my dad is doing this campaign is for sport. He likes the challenge. It’s like an egomaniac’s chess game. There’s no money motivation.”

Years of text messages were uncovered and in 2005 Andrea Manafort wrote to her mother:

Don’t fool yourself. That money we have is blood money.

In the end it seems that family ties will be the ones who know an individual best, and Manafort may have helped Trump fool the nation…but he was unable to fool his daughters.

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