Trump Supporters Hold INSANE Rally And Call For “Liberal Genocide” And The Deportation Of Jews

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President Trump’s rise has served as a tacit endorsement for extreme Conservative hatred to manifest in ways many of us could never have imagined. With a wave of hate crimes sweeping the country, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a 13 year old Trump supporter told a Jewish woman to “go back to her country” while simultaneously calling for the imprisonment of Liberals. Free speech is one of our nation’s most cherished values yet it’s chilling to hear so much hatred coming from the crowd of supporters.

Not surprisingly, the event took place in Maricopa County, Arizona – home to Sheriff Joe who insists that President Obama’s birth certificate is a fake.

Via RawStory: “I heard ‘lock her up, lock her up,’ and we still need to pursue that,” announced Arizona Congressman Anthony Kern; a nod to a prominent Trump campaign promise to imprison then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“If you don’t like it here, go to Syria, go to someplace else,” one attendee shouted.

“I don’t want ’em, as a veteran I don’t want ’em, let ’em go back home,” another seconded. “If they’ve got a problem, let Saudi Arabia take care of ’em.”

Some even dared to tell Dan Cohen of the The Real News Network how they would make America great again now that Trump was in office. Also, Muslims weren’t the only religious minority unwelcomed.

“If she is Jewish, she should go back to her country,” a 13-year-old Trump supporter said of a protester.

“This is America, we don’t want Sharia Law,” one attendee explained. “Christian country,” he added.

One man insisted that Senator John McCain was a “secret communist.”

“I think there’s a lot there,” he said of Pizzagate, a deranged right-wing conspiracy theory that Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta was running a child prostitution ring out of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria. “Definitely enough to warrant an investigation.”

Do you think this is an accurate representation of Trump’s supporters, or are these fringe actors? Comment below and let us know.

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