Trump Is Going INSANE On Twitter Right Now, AG Jeff Sessions Problems Are HILLARY CLINTON’S Fault!

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Earlier this evening Donald Trump defended Attorney General Jeff Sessions, insisting that the former Alabama senator “did not say anything wrong” amid swirling criticism over his testimony earlier this year about contacts with Russian officials.

Trump appeared to be referring to Sessions’ statements before the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation, when Sessions said he had not spoken to Russian officials. It was revealed this week that Sessions twice spoke with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. last year.

Now Trump has hit Twitter, where he is LOSING IT.

Trump said:

“Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not…….intentional. This whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed…… win. The Democrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. The real story……is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. It is a total “witch hunt!”

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