Top Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka Member Of Alt-Right Nazi Group, Which He DIDN’T DISCLOSE, He Must Go!

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According to Forward Magazine, Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to Donald Trump, is a member of a Hungarian far-right Nazi-aligned group.

If he did not disclose that information when he became a United States citizen, his immigration status could be undermined. Leaders of the group told the publication that Gorka took a lifelong pledge of loyalty.

The group, according to The Forward, was established as a loyalist group by the admiral and nationalist who ruled over Hungary from 1920 to 1944.

The White House has not yet issued a statement on the story.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect called for the resignation of Gorka.

“Sebastian Gorka must resign — and President Trump must make it happen. That Sebastian cannot even deny he has links with a Nazi-affiliated organization is symptomatic of the grotesque anti-Semitism that has infected the White House. How many ducks in the Trump White House must walk, talk and quack anti-Semitically before our country wakes up and sees the problem?”

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