Top Republican Drops TRUTH BOMB On CNN, Trump Isn’t “Intellectually Qualified” To Be President

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Donald Trump’s tenure in office has been such an unmitigated disaster that even members of his own party have been forced to admit that he is not “intellectually qualified” for his position as POTUS.

In response to CNN’s questioning on Trump’s false allegation of wiretapping under the Obama administration, former Florida congressman shockingly responded, “there’s a bigger issue, whether this president is intellectually qualified to be President of the United States.” When pressed by host Poppy Harlow, Jolly made his point even stronger. “I think Trump is learning about his own health care bill listening to you and Chris in the morning. He does not practice in details, nor understands the finer points of domestic or foreign policy.”

Former presidential candidate and token CNN conservative analyst, Rick Santorum, stumbled through an impressively weak defense.

“Well, I just think it’s an absurd claim to suggest that the president doesn’t have the intellect to be president. President Trump has run a multi-billion dollar organization. He ran the most, I would say, historic campaign from the standpoint of coming out from nowhere to be elected president.”

It’s no surprise that a member of the opposition could call Donald Trump a moron. But when his own party is forced to accept the truth that Donald Trump does not have the intellectual fiber for the position, that’s something worth watching.

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