The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Asks SCARY Question, “Who Is The REAL President?”

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The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah decided to use last night show to find out who exactly is calling the shots in the White House.

Previously, Noah felt Steve Bannon was the real man in charge…but not any longer.

While Donald Trump is still low on the list, he’s moving and deciding things based on the reporting of Fox News. While some like Shephard Smith are still reporting facts, other Fox personalities have struck a chord with the “president” thanks to their crazy conspiracy theories.

For Noah, the past month has proven that Fox is controlling Trump’s thoughts and feelings — with a little help from Breitbart News — and Trump isn’t doing a good job of hiding it. He’s always praising Fox And Friends and looking for Fox out in the crowd at his press conferences.

Later, Trevor Noah noted how Omarosa was scheduled to appear on the show and backed out at the last minute. Her excuse involved the administration “not wanting her interview to eclipse the news of the day.” He then proceeded to go over all of the news from the day and how bad it looked to everybody but Donald Trump. The guy can find a silver lining in anything before dying it gold and tweeting it out.


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