Take A Wild Guess Who Just Bought Donald Trump’s Park Avenue Building!?

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Angela Chen, a Chinese-American businesswoman has purchased a penthouse in Donald Trump’s Park Avenue Building for $15.8 million according to MotherJones.

Angela Chen is the founder and the director of Global Alliance Associates, a firm that specializes in fostering “special relationships” between US businessmen and key members of the Communist Chinese government.

Via Mother Jones

“Chen has ties to important members of the Chinese ruling elite and to an organization considered a front group for Chinese military intelligence.”

Chen also chairs the U.S. branch of the China Arts Foundation that was created by Deng Wong. He also serves as  vice president of the China Association for International Friendly Contacts which is linked to the intelligence and foreign propaganda division of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Trump’s ties with Chen have come under scrutiny after it came to light that his financial empire was starting new investments in China. These businesses include massage parlors, bars, and private bodyguard and escort services.

Even Ivanka Trump may be benefiting from the newest resident of Trump Park Avenue. Since her father was elected, Ivanka has imported over 53 tons of merchandise from the People’s Republic.

These revelations have come to light as President Trump has taken a tougher stance with China in such disputes as the South China Sea while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has embarked on a trip to Asia in a controversial move of not taking members of the press along.

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