BREAKING: Steve Bannon Under Investigation For VOTER FRAUD, This Is A BIG DEAL!

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Steve Bannon, the chief strategist to Donald Trump, adds another embarrassing scandal to the already disastrous first few weeks of the new presidency, with new accusations of fraud after falsifying information about his current residence.

The damning charges against Bannon come after a thorough investigation into his multiple properties, with the most cause for suspicion concerning his Miami-Dade, Florida home.

Although he is registered to vote in Florida, claiming this property to be his main residence, it is apparent that Bannon never lived in the house at all. He paid his ex-wife, Diane Clohesy, over $5,000 per month to occupy the residence in his stead, which could amount to third-degree felony charges due to submitting falsified information.

Jason Miller, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, confirmed the claims via e-mail:

“…Mr. Bannon moved to another location in Florida.”

The suspicious behavior doesn’t end there though, with Bannon’s neighbors reporting odd activities late into the night. Strange visitors, disturbing noises, property damage, and other bizarre behaviors were frequently reported by surrounding homeowners.

With reports of the house being eventually vacant for months, Bannon’s “home” didn’t seem to be inhabited by anyone at all. Luis Guevra, the current owner of the now-vacant house, states the property had been emptied:

“Nobody lives there … we are going to make a construction there.”

With Bannon fraudulently claiming his Florida home to be his primary residence, he faces potential prosecution with a maximum of five years in prison. Notoriously slow with such matters, the Miami-Dade attorney’s office is treating this as an “active criminal” investigation into the chief advisor for President Trump.

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