Steve Bannon Almost RUINED His Rented Florida Home, He DESTROYED His Bathtub With Acid

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Steve Bannon, the notorious white supremacist who is the former executive chairman of Breitbart, led an awkward nomadic lifestyle prior to his ascent to the White House’s Chief Strategist. Despite the fact that he conducted business in both D.C and New York, he owned a string of homes in Florida and California. There has been speculation that this was an attempt to subvert the IRS to not pay income taxes. He declared himself a “permanent absentee voter” to Orange County election officials in 2010.

Three months after voting in the 2012 election by absentee in California, he signed a 2 year lease with his third ex wife, Diane Clohesy, for a home in Miami on Opechee Drive. She and Bannon continued to be a documentary filmmaking team even after their divorce. Rent for his Opechee Drive home was $4900 a month, but his salary that he earned while working for Breitbart was $750,000. He was also executive chairman for yet another media company, based in Santa Monica, that was called ArcEntertainment, where he earned over $200,000 annually.

Source claim that the Opechee Drive house’s hot tub had been covered in acid. Some interior doors, for reasons completely unknown, had their padlocks removed. According to landlords, damages were estimated to be over $14,000 total.

Their former landlord claimed: -‘I would not work with them after that,’ Kammerer told the Post. ‘I would not refer them again as clients of mine.’

Bannon rented out a second property in Miami, on Onaway Drive. He re-registered at this address, however a few months prior to Bannon assuming a primary role in Trump’s campaign, he had completely canceled water services at this property and left it vacant. Some speculate he continued to list it as his primary residence to take advantage of the state’s no income tax. Immediately after becoming Chief Strategist, he declared a new address yet a third time; an address matching one of his business associates.

Despite all of these address alterations, Bannon has not ever voted in Florida.

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