Stephen Colbert CRUCIFIES Trump Over Wiretap Accusations, “Somebody Get This Man A Xanax!”

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Stephen Colbert was excited to tackle Donald Trump’s recent unhinged tweets and crazy behavior.

After reading the first of several tweets, in which Trump accused former President Obama of “tapping” his phone, the Late Show host said, “And just like that, the White House had to reset their sign back to zero,” revealing a plaque that read, “The president has worked 0 days without a Twitter freakout.”

Yes, less a week after Trump delivered a speech to Congress that many pundits — but not Colbert — deemed his first truly presidential moment, he was back to the “trivial fights” he vowed to leave behind.

“Who wakes up that angry?” Colbert asked of Trump, who started his Twitter rant at 6:35 a.m. “Somebody get this guy a Xanax. Or a bran muffin. Or a bran muffin stuffed with Xanax. Like a Branax.”

The host also found it absurd that Trump went from comparing the alleged scandal to McCarthyism one minute and “Nixon/Watergate” the next. “Pick your historical analogy!” he said.

Imitating Trump on his phone, Colbert said, “This is the Pearl Harbor of Hindenburg, Great Depression and D-Days, finale of Lost.” And… “Tweet.”

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