Stephen Colbert Brilliantly ROASTS Both Donald Trump AND Rachel Maddow, You Will LOVE THIS!

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Tuesday night we learned that Rachel Maddow had Donald Trump’s tax returns, and the world stood still.

However, the information she had ended up just being the two pages from his 2005 return, and while it is certainly a good place to start and part of a still unfolding story, people were let down. Maddow was unfortunately roasted by many in the cable news community for her “bombshell,” and now Stephen Colbert is joining in with a little fun.

In an elaborate explanation of “a joke that we have confirmed has been heard by Donald Trump,” Colbert nails the cadence, over-explanation, and even wardrobe of Maddow, right down to the V-neck under the blazer look.

While Maddow is obviously doing her part to explore the rumors of how deep Trump’s corruption goes, that doesn’t mean she’s above some well-intentioned ribbing.


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