Sean Spicer Was Just Confronted At The Apple Store By Angry Citizen, What He Says WILL MAKE YOU SICK!

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Sean Spicer was shopping in the Apple Store in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC., when an angry citizen confronted him.

The Twitter user “ShreeC” confronted Spicer, he told her that the U.S. is “Such a great country that allows you to be here.”

Yes, Sean Spicer told an American woman of Indian descent that she was “allowed” to be here, which is lucky for her since she’s brown skinned.

And Twitter was quick to come to her defense:


When I asked this young woman, Shree Chauhan, how she interpreted Spicer’s remark — whether “be here” was in reference to her being in the Apple Store or being in the United States — she confirmed that she felt he meant allowed her to be in this country.

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