Sean Hannity Viciously Attacks Michelle Obama, Even Trump Steps Back From This!

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President Trump’s most clueless and obsessed cheerleader in the media is Fox News Host Sean Hannity. Hannity spent 8 years viciously attacking Former First Lady Michelle Obama on his nightly show, yet now he takes issue with the way that the media is treating Presidential Advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Hannity said during his radio show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I think that’s the lowest of low; we’re going to pick on a woman — well, multiple women, because they pick on Kellyanne. Have a congressman, what’s his name, Cedric Richmond, quote, “joking,” “Conway looked very familiar in that position on the couch in the White House on her knees.“ Wow. How disgusting and despicable a human being is he? Can you imagine if anyone — which, God forbid, would ever say that about Hillary? Or Michelle Obama? How well would the reaction be? They’re attacking a three year old kid because he’s fidgety at three in the morning. I’m fidgety and I’m 55 years old. Leave the kid alone. Nobody picked on Malia and Sasha, no conservative that I know of. Nobody picked on Michelle Obama except for the stupid statements, “for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country,” she inserted herself into the campaign. If she’s going to say something like that then she deserves to be criticized.

It seems abstract to compare Michelle Obama making an offhand statement to Kellyanne straddling the oval office furniture in a disrespectful and intentional manner. No matter, it’s the profession of Conservative commentators such as Hannity to make false equivalencies.

Via BipartisanReport: Hannity has put a bullseye over Mrs. Obama ever since President Barack Obama ran for office. In spite of her marrying a half-white man, the talk show host has repeatedly called her a “racist” and refers to her as a “bitter and angry” black woman. Although the talk show host said no conservatives ever “picked on Michelle Obama,” he only needs to look into the mirror to see the lie in that statement.

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