Sean Hannity Goes Full-On Conspiracy Theorist, Accuses Pres. Obama Of Still Controlling The Government

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Sean Hannity is more of an entertainer than a newsman but he is now morphing into an Alex Jones conspiracy theorist wannabe.

On Thursday’s show, Hannity urged Donald Trump to fire all of the “Obama holdover” government bureaucrats because he believes severe public backlash is imminent if Trump waits any longer. He stated that it’s the right time for Trump “to begin to purge these saboteurs before it’s too late.”

Hannity then urged the president to follow Abraham Lincoln’s example by jump-starting a mass exodus, which would include firing “anyone and everyone who’s actively working against him in government.” We already know that Trump subscribes to the conspiracy theory about Obama staging a “silent coup,” so it wouldn’t be surprising if Trump thought Obama’s staffers were lobbying against him as well. Simply put, Hannity is urging an all-out war on those who don’t fall in line with Trump’s ideology.

Hannity further advised the president to follow Bill Clinton’s example (he immediately fired all U.S. attorneys), rather than that of George W. Bush (he waited until his second term to do so, and folks freaked out). Hannity is  upset about the “leaks” which he believes are coming from leftover Obama staffers. Once again, Trump and his associates are more upset about leaks than any actual wrongdoing by anyone.

Finally, Hannity plants the theory that Obama strategically increased access for these employees before he left office, all to plant the seeds of his nonexistent coup. “It’s time for the Trump administration to begin to purge these saboteurs before it’s too late,” Hannity insisted.

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