REPORT: Press Secretary Sean Spicer Was BOOTED From Flying On Air Force One, He P*SSED OFF Trump!

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It’s been a bad week for White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

He was among a group of US President Donald Trump’s closest aides who were barred from Air Force One, after Trump erupted in frustration at his staff during an Oval Office meeting, the New York Times reports.

From The Times:

On Friday, Mr. Spicer was among the group of Mr. Trump’s senior aides temporarily banished from Air Force One after Mr. Trump erupted at his staff in frustration during an Oval Office meeting.

The meeting referred to was almost certainly a contentious expletive-laden affair that Trump led among his senior staff shortly before launching into his now infamous tweetstorm accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of wiretapping his home in Trump Tower.

Since his first day on the job berating the press about Trump’s inaugural crowd size, rumors have circulated widely that Spicer’s relationship with the President has been strained.

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