Rachel Maddow Is Officially The “Cheeto Slayer”, Takes Down Trump For All His RIDICULOUS Lies

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Once again, Rachel Maddow has proven that the Emperor has no clothes. Halfway into his first hundred days, Donald Trump has been bragging about the “bigly” job he has done.

Just as it is with other blowhards, the more they inflate their ego with false bravado, the easier it is to take them down.

Enter our girl, Rachel Maddow.

With stunning tactical brilliance and hard hitting facts, she has exposed President Donald Trump for what he is. A pretender that tries hard to take credit for what Obama has succeeded on and blaming Obama for all his failures.

“If you just look at what they’ve done in terms of policy it’s interesting they haven’t been able to do anything successfully on any of the stuff they like to brag about, they like to talk about, that he campaigned on,” Maddow began.

From ruling via executive order to golfing vacation after golfing vacation, Rachel spelled out in plain English the failure that is the Trump Presidency thus far. Step by step, she schools the right on the debacle.

No 3 AM tweets can take away from one fact: Donald Trump is an absolute failure in everything he attempts.

Trump can talk about a wall that Mexico will never pay for; he can try and take away healthcare from hard working Americans and try to package it as a fix; he can even cozy up to dictators and tyrants and call it diplomacy, but one fact is for certain.

Rachel Maddow has his number and will continue to own him.

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