President Obama Mounting MAJOR Anti-Trump Resistance, Take A Guess Who Is Helping Him!

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President Donald Trump has not made himself many friends since he assumed power a little over a month ago. His hostile, abrasive style of dealing with people has left him on an island alone with enemies advancing towards him on every front. Leading the charge against Trump is none other than former President Barack Obama who has taken on the role of commander and dissenter. Typically when a president leaves office they move away to a quiet part of the world to relax, but Obama has not even left Washington, D.C. and instead lives less than a mile away from the White House. Inside Obama’s posh mansion, the signs of the resistance are growing as one of his closest advisers has also moved into the Obama home alongside him.

While Republicans may attempt to paint Valerie Jarret moving in with Obama as some sort of sideways liaison, the reality is the two work incredibly well together. Obama has turned his home into a command center for the anti-Trump movement, and Jarret is a large part of Obama’s plan.

What the two are attempting to do, at this stage, is not known. However, Obama has always proved himself to be an individual who has plans within plans. If he is going to attempt to thwart Trump, he certainly has the ability, knowledge, and the infrastructure to follow through. Obama also finds himself not under the same scrutiny as Trump, which gives him a distinct advantage. He will need it, because Trump has also shown he is willing to go to great lengths to stop those who stand in his way.

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