Ousted U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Might Be Replaced By Roger Ailes’s Personal Lawyer…FOR REAL!

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Trump is draining the swamp by putting the swamp in the Executive Branch of government. Today, we discovered that the man to replace Bharara is none other than Marc Mukasey.

For those not following, Bharara was one of the 46 Attorneys fired recently by Trump. Bharara’s firing, however, was a little more complicated. He was investigating whether Donald Trump was guilty of violating the Constitution by taking foreign money.

But of course, you would think that Trump being the greatest President ever, he would appoint a worthy and honest successor.

Instead, we have Marc Mukasey who is a former attorney for arch-conservative and media mogul Roger Ailes of Fox News. Mukasey has been described in some circles as a protege of Former NY Mayor, Rudi Guiliani and is also the son of Michael Mukasey, the Attorney General under President George W. Bush.

But you may still ask, why is this particular US Attorney’s office so important? What makes outgoing US Attorney Bharara so special? For one, the US Attorney for Southern New York would have jurisdiction to investigate Trump and the Trump foundation.

Second, Bharara is a rare breed that has prosecuted both Republicans and Democrats for corruption. Bharara met with Trump earlier where he was assured his job was safe. Then once he started investigating Trump, he was asked to resign. When he wouldn’t take a call from Trump, he was fired.

In place of bipartisan Bharara, we now have Mukasey who is both a confidante of Ailes and Guiliani.

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