OMG, Guess Where Donald Trump Got His “Obama Wiretapped Me” Claim From? THIS IS INSANE!

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Last Saturday, Donald Trump accused Obama of tapping his phones at Trump Tower, despite offering no evidence. Many are aware that Trump tweeted this accusation on the morning after Breitbart published a key story, which revolved around Mark Levin’s right-wing conspiracy theory about Obama leading a “silent coup” against the new White House.

Now the Associated Press is reporting that Trump made the accusation because a White House aide slipped a thinly-sourced story into his daily reading pile.

The AP reported that on a typical day, Trump wakes up before 6 A.M. to start watching cable news.

“A short time later, he’s given a stack of newspapers — including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Washington Post and, long his favorite, The New York Post — as well as a pile of printed articles from other sources including conservative online outlets like Breitbart News.”

One of the Breitbart stories was the accusation from Mark Levin that Obama had wiretapped the Trump campaign.

“An aide placed that piece in Trump’s daily reading pile, said a White House official, who like other aides would not be named discussing the president’s private routine. Fueled by that report on Saturday, Trump unleashed a series of jaw-dropping tweets that accused his predecessor of spying on him.”

The AP article doesn’t reveal who the aide was or how high-ranking they are. “The president’s clip file is assembled by junior aides, though senior staffers occasionally slip in an article they want him to see,” the AP noted.

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