No More Mar-A-Lago Trips For Our Vacationer-In-Chief? The City Of Palm Beach Is P*SSED OFF!

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President Trump, despite ridiculing President Obama for taking the occasional vacation, and despite promising the American people he would not vacation, is causing financial chaos for the city of Palm Beach, Florida due to his constant weekend trips to the “Southern White House”.

Previous reports detailed that private businesses were facing large reductions in their sales due to the overcrowded security situation caused by Trump’s trips. CNN reported Friday the additional cost just to pay overtime for the Sheriff is $60,000 a day. In the first 50 days of Trump’s presidency the total bill to Palm Beach County for the Sheriff’s department is over $1 million dollars.

Palm Beach officials are reportedly seeking relief from the federal government for the previously unforeseen costs. While the costs pale in comparison to those of the Secret Service, they are sizable enough to have thrown the county into disarray. Until the federal government provides Palm Beach with a relief from the expenses, the costs will fall on local taxpayers.

Via Fortune:“It will either be cuts or increase in taxes,” Burdick told the network. Palm Beach’s sheriff’s department told CNN that it costs roughly $60,000 in overtime per day when the president is in town, even with a Secret Service detail. CBS reports, based off figures from a similar trip by former President Barack Obama, that Trump’s first three visits to Mar-a-Lago cost about $10 million in total.

The 2018 Palm Beach County budget currently has a $40 million deficit, “I know that my taxpayers shouldn’t have to bear the burden,” Kerner, the budget commissioner for the county told news reporters Friday.
Via CNN: Trump regularly hassled his predecessor, President Barack Obama, for traveling to Hawaii. “The habitual vacationer, @BarackObama, is now in Hawaii. This vacation is costing taxpayers $4 milion +++ while there is 20% unemployment,” Trump tweeted in 2011 with an incorrect unemployment figure.
Some have suggested forcing Mar-a-lago to pay the expense of Trump’s protection services. Do you think that would be the right thing to do? Comment below and let us know.



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