New Jersey Just Passed A Bill To Keep Trump Off The 2020 Ballot, One State Down, Forty-Nine To Go!

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President Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns has been worrying to concerned citizens, while Republicans have pretended it is a non-issue. A recent release of Trump’s 2005 tax returns claimed roughly $150 million in yearly net income, after $100 million in depreciation, for which he paid $25 million in taxes. Trump’s tax returns in subsequent years are unknown.

Efforts are underway to compel the Treasury to release Trump’s tax returns to congress, at which point they would be public. Until that time some states are taking precautionary measures to make sure we never run into a “Trump” style catastrophe that we experienced during the 2016 election, ever again.

The New Jersey state senate has passed a bill requiring a presidential candidate to release previous years of their tax returns before they can be listed on an election ballot. The bill is headed to Governor Christie for signature. Christie may veto the bill, sending it back to the state senate, who may be able to override his decision.

Via OccupyDemocrats: The 24-11 Senate vote is close to being able to override a veto – if three of the five members who did not vote switched their abstention to an aye, the 2/3 majority would be reached.

If every Democrat in the Assembly and one Republican vote in favor of the bill, that will provide the second 2/3 majority needed to push the law through despite Christie’s allegiance to Trump.

New York among others is considering introducing legislation similar to New Jersey’s proposed law.

There is no national policy for what requirements a candidate must meet for their name to be printed on the ballot. The requirements are decided on a state by state basis and vary across the country.

Do you think it’s a good idea for states to require tax returns for candidates seeking a spot on the ballot? Comment below and let us know.


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