Meghan McCain LOSES HER MIND, Says “Obama Most BITTER Ex-President In History”, Gets IMMEDIATE BACKLASH!

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Meghan McCain is the daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, and sadly, she seems willing to do or say whatever it takes to remain relevant.

On today’s episode of Fox News’ “The Five”, the co-hosts discussed the relationship between Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama after reports that Obama was furious over the Trump’s wiretapping tweets.

Obama issued a statement 10 days into the Trump presidency expressing support for the protests going on in response to the travel ban, and there’s been a lot of criticism that he broke the unspoken rule of presidents not weighing in on the actions of their successors.

Brian Kilmeade said Obama “dissed Bush” for years but he didn’t get flak for it because of how eloquently he said it.

Meghan McCain said, “President Obama is going to be the most bitter ex-president that we’ve ever had. He’s not gonna keep his mouth shut, he’s gonna do nothing but attack this administration.”

She added that this would be the “complete and total opposite of the class and respect” Bush granted to him.

Bob Beckel also got heated with the others over Trump’s wiretapping tweets and saying they should want to see actual evidence of such.

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