Meghan McCain Is Blaming President Obama For Trump’s Putin Problems, “I Have No Sympathy For Him”!

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Fox News Channel’s Juan Williams appeared on Fox’s “Outnumbered” today, and spoke about Jeff Sessions, his communications with the Russian ambassador, and his possible perjury.

The women on the panel wanted to know if he was upset about “all of this,” from the communications to the lying under oath.

Williams said he just wants “answers.” Co-host Melissa Francis said that it’s not a big deal for a senator and an ambassador to meet and when Williams responded that if it wasn’t a big deal, Sessions should have been more forthright about it, Harris Faulkner said he made a good point.

It was Meghan McCain who had the most to say, though.

“Can I just say one thing? If Barack Obama hadn’t been trying to normalize everything with [Vladimir] Putin for the last ten years and letting the ambassador come over here and meeting with everybody, you guys wouldn’t be having these problems, so maybe you should’ve taken Putin seriously for the past ten years. This is your problem that you guys made and I have no sympathy. I say this on the couch for Democrats right now who all of a sudden care about Russia, care about Putin, because it’s politically expedient.”

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