Kellyanne Conway Is Blaming The Photographer For The Famous Photo Of Her Kneeling On Oval Office Couch

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Decorum is something which is sorely missing in the White House now that Donald Trump is the president. His top adviser, Kellyanne Conway, was spotted sitting on the Oval Office couch with both of her feet tucked underneath her rear end. This caused many in the media to express outrage that Conway would act so disrespectfully. Being a master spinster Conway offered her own explanation as to why this scenario transpired. Rather than take the blame for the manner in which she chose to sit, she blamed the incident on the White House’s official photographer.

While a guest on Fox News Conway spoke to Lou Dobbs and she offered the following explanation:

I was excited about the picture I’d just taken of the distinguished leaders of the universities that once served as the only institutions people with brown skin could attend. I recognize the impression that the picture has left people with and acknowledge the discomfort my posture may have created for the men directly across from me. I especially want to note that if the picture had captured one of those men staring between my wide-open legs, this would be a totally different conversation.

Indeed, Conway attempted to make the manner in which she sat out to be something to protect herself from over sexualization. Rather than merely say she was making herself comfortable Conway literally accused every man in the room of wanting to look up her skirt, and surely what a treat that would have been for all involved. Good grief.

Watch Conway’s full remarks below:

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