Kellyanne Conway Calls Out FBI Director James Comey On LIVE TV, IT’S ON!

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Kellyanne Conway has challenged FBI director James Comey to reveal what he knows about Donald Trump’s allegations that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower prior to the election.

Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro hosted Kellyanne Conway for a “primetime exclusive”. Pirro may have wanted to talk about the wiretapping claims and FBI director James Comey‘s response to them, but Conway seemed to be there to talk about another of Trump’s main complaints: anonymous sources in the media.

She was referring to a New York Times report that cited senior U.S. officials saying Comey believes Trump’s claim is false and that it should be corrected.

The Justice Department has so far not issued any statement in an effort to refute Trump’s assertion. The FBI also declined to comment.

Comey wants the claim rejected publicly because it falsely insinuates that the FBI broke the law, according to the Times report.
When Conway was asked by Pirro if Trump definitely knew he had been wiretapped, she only responded: ‘He may.’

“This is serious stuff,” the Counselor to the President then said of the leaks.

Conway went on to rail against Democrats for, in her opinion, caring more about possible Russian collusion and interaction than about leaks from within the White House.

Pirro asked simply if it was even appropriate for Trump to accuse Obama of wiretapping in the first place.

“Are we now facing a Constitutional crisis before the first 100 days are over?” the seasoned host wondered.

Conway said that no, there is no crisis, but if Comey has anything to say, she’d be happy to hear it before pivoting back to what she saw as the bigger problem: anonymous sources.

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