Trump’s Transition Team REFUSED To Take Ethics Training Before Taking Office

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The administration of Donald Trump has been unlike any presidency in American history. The only instance which comes close is the administration of Andrew Jackson, who was not a politician and had a horribly foul mouth and disposition. With those facts placed aside, Trump’s team has shown themselves to be unprepared for the task of running the world’s largest and most powerful nation. This has been evident from the litany of never-ending scandals which seem to pervade Trump’s administration’s every turn. Now, an easy to understand reason why the Trump team has been acting like amateur hour is known.

It has been exclusively reported by Politico that no members of Trump’s administration went through any form of ethical training before taking up their posts in the White House. This callous laziness is indicative of the problems which have plagued Trump, and now one can understand how the wheels have come off of the tracks so easily.

In comparison, both former President George W. Bush’s administration and former President Barack Obama’s administration did go through extensive ethics training.

The rules do not seem to matter to Trump. He, like it or not, sets the standard and the example for every individual around him. If he chooses to behave without ethics, then those who surround him will behave unethically as well. This practice may have gotten him far in the business world, but now Trump is under the hot lights of criticism and his every move, word, and deed is placed under a microscope. His staff, too, is not immune. He would do well to remember this.

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