CNN Just Sent A Giant “F*CK YOU” To Donald Trump, This Is AMAZING!

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The Trump Administration is licking its wounds after the original “Muslim Ban” was struck down in the courts. Fearing a defeat in the Supreme Court which the entire country could have witnessed, Trump opted instead to sign a new executive order into law with some of the more reprehensible elements of the previous order removed.

In an effort to reduce the amount of media controversy surrounding the second Muslim Ban, the Trump Administration has refused to make many video appearances in the last week. When Trump signed the order into law, he did not allow for the signing to be filmed, but did allow for CNN to take a photograph. CNN subsequently refused to air the photo in protest.

CNN’s John King explains:

“We won’t show you the picture of the president signing the executive order that’s incredibly important to his administration, it’s a very important policy debate in our country — we will not show you the picture because we have a policy that you cannot have canned press release pictures from a White House. You have to let the reporters in. The president is a big boy. He doesn’t have to answer questions if they’re shouted at him, but they wouldn’t let anyone in because of the other issue… that is the president saying he believes his predecessor someone wire tapped him during last year’s campaign.”

The mood in the Trump White House has become progressively more stressful with Trump scolding his top aides as his approval ratings continue to sink. While top Trump officials are retreating in an effort to avoid controversy, the Trump Administration can’t expect the media to give them any free passes.

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