John McCain Just Responded To Trump’s Wiretap Allegations And Trump Will Be FURIOUS!

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President Trump has found himself neck deep in the “Russia” controversy, as now 5 members of inner circle were found to have met with Russian officials in advance of Trump taking office. Seemingly in an effort to take attention away from the Russia controversy Trump sent out a deranged flurry of tweets alleging that President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower in advance of the election. What’s more disturbing to find is that the allegations are in part at least true. A FISA court issued a warrant to monitor the conversations of Michael Flynn, the transcripts of which when made available to lawmakers resulted in his resignation. It stands to reason Flynn was not the only member of Trump’s inner circle that was likely suspected of criminal misconduct.

Trump is now finding that even members of his own party will not tolerate wild accusations being made about Former President Obama. Republican Senator John McCain spoke to Roll Call, voicing his concern that Trump must present evidence Obama had wiretapped him immediately. In lieu of evidence being presented, which likely does not exist, this claim will become yet another Trump lie.

Senator McCain spoke to
‘The president said it, and [it was] based on something. What was the basis of his conclusion that his predecessor had broken the law by wiretapping Trump Tower? The American people need to know.’

‘They should answer questions. The American people have a right to know. They can say whatever they want to say. I’m saying the American people have a right to know on what basis the president of the United States said that his predecessor had broken the law by wiretapping Trump Tower.’

‘If there’s no basis for [his allegations,] then there’s no reason for an investigation.’

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