Joe Biden Reveals His Favorite Biden/Obama “Bromance” Meme, Prepare To DIE LAUGHING!

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For many of us, the copious Barack Obama/Joe Biden memes got us through a tough period. They sprouted after Hillary Clinton, and sailed us through the inauguration.

Now…does Joe Biden like those memes?

According to Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden told Dow Jones blog Moneyish that when he first saw the memes, her father “sat there for an hour and laughed.” Though the whole selection of photos inspired a chuckle from Biden, he has a favorite, per Ashley.

His top pick features both his wife, Jill Biden and Michelle Obama—and a little humor poking fun at the intimacy of the two men’s friendship. “Joe, I’m not leaving my wife for you,” the caption jokes (the photo is from election night in 2012).

Here are more of our favorites:

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