Ivanka Trump And Steve Bannon Fighting Over New (DANGEROUS) Policy, Who Do You Think Will Win?

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Drama is brewing in the White House after it was revealed members of Trump’s inner circle can’t come to an agreement on environmental policy. Ivanka Trump is pushing President Trump to take climate change seriously, by extension staying in the Paris Agreement, an international contract for countries to perform by certain environmental standards.

The sentiment by Ivanka is echoed in Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who thinks it would send a bad message to the world if we were to withdraw from the Paris Agreement which so many countries entered into after such long negotiation.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is pushing Trump to ignore the Paris Agreement and dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency. After having run a campaign based around dismantling government and regulations it seems unlikely that a Trump administration will put environmental standards anywhere near the top of their concerns.

Via DailyMail: “Trump is expected to sign an executive order next week directing newly minted Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt to begin what the Times calls a ‘lengthy legal process’ to unwind Obama’s greenhouse-gas regulations.”

If this occurs the United States will no longer be in compliance with The Paris Agreement.

Do you think Trump will keep us in the Paris Agreement?

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