Hillary Clinton Gives INCREDIBLE Speech, Conservatives Immediately Attack Her Looks And New Haircut

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We love seeing Hillary Clinton!

Hillary made a public appearance to honor women at an event in Washington on Wednesday, where she spoke on International Women’s Day at the 16th annual Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards, a women’s leadership organization which she founded as First Lady.

Hillary said:

“Our voices have always been vital, but they have never been more vital than they are right now. Not just in faraway countries, but right here. International Women’s Day is always important, but this year it feels even more significant. A day to recognize that women have always been on the front lines of the most important fights unfolding around us.”

“Never lose your optimism, your persistence and your resistance,” she added.

Clinton reportedly received a standing ovation following her remarks.

Sadly, conservatives used the occasion to criticize Hillary’s new haircut:

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