Guess Who Donald Trump Met With In The Oval Office…And It Was Left Off The Official Schedule!?

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According to the New York Times, Donald Trump met with TMZ founder and tabloid king Harvey Levin in the White House last week to discuss “future opportunities.”

A White House spokesperson confirmed the meeting, although it wasn’t listed on the president’s public schedule.

Levin had previously interviewed Trump for a Fox News special called “Objectified: Donald Trump” that aired last fall. White House spokesperson Hope Hicks hinted that last Wednesday’s meeting may concerned another special on the president.

“The show was a huge success, and the two were discussing future opportunities,” Hicks said, according to The New York Times. The Times cited two unidentified sources as saying Levin is considering another interview with Trump for a spin-off from last fall’s special. Levin also reportedly received a tour of the White House, photos of which he later showed off to friends in L.A.

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