GOP Congressman Says President Obama Is Running A “Shadow Government”, Here’s His Proof!

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According to the Associated Press, Republican Rep. Mike Kelly told supporters at an event in his district north of Pittsburgh on Saturday that President Obama’s decision to remain in D.C. was not to allow his daughter, Sasha, to graduate from her high school but “for one purpose — and one purpose only — and that is to run a shadow government.”

“President Obama himself said he was going to stay in Washington until his daughter graduated,” Kelly said at the event in remarks caught on video.

“I think we ought to pitch in to let him go someplace else because he’s only there for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to run a shadow government that is going to totally upset the new agenda.”

Kelly’s office said his remarks were intended for a private audience of fellow Republicans, and that he was venting frustration over a belief that Obama-era federal employees are working to undermine Trump’s administration.

“Rep. Kelly delivered his remarks at a private meeting to an audience of fellow Republicans,” his office said in a statement, according to the Philadelphia Enquirer. “He was sharing the frustration of everyone in the room over how they believe certain Obama administration holdovers within the federal bureaucracy are attempting to upset President Trump’s agenda.”

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