Fox News Releases Poll, Guess Who The Most POPULAR Politician Is? (And No, It’s Not Donald Trump)

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The most popular politician is…


A Fox News poll has indicated that some Americans have unfavorable opinions about the Trump administration, as well as some congressional Democrats and Republicans.

Trump’s overall job approval rating has dropped five points compared to a February poll. As of March 15, 43% of surveyed voters approve of Trump’s performance, while 51% disapprove.

Of the 43% of voters who approved, 30% said they “strongly approve,” while 13% said they “somewhat approve.”

Of the 51% who disapproved, 7% “somewhat disapproved” while 45% “strongly disapproved,” the Fox News poll found.

In the February survey, 48% of people surveyed by Fox News said they approved of Trump’s job performance and 47% disapproved.

While both Democrats and Republicans received low approval ratings from respondents, Democrats fared slightly better than Republicans with 32% of respondents approving of their actions in Congress, and 60% disapproving. Republicans earned a 29% approval rating of their actions in Congress and a disapproval rating of 63%.

Voters were also given a list of people, items, and organizations and asked if they had a “favorable” or “unfavorable” opinion of them.

Vice President Mike Pence received ratings of 47% favorable versus 43% unfavorable.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s ratings were 37% favorable compared to 47% unfavorable.

Sen. Bernie Sanders received a rating of 61% favorable versus 32% unfavorable.

Planned Parenthood was rated 57% favorable compared to 32% unfavorable.

The Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare” was rated 50% favorable and 47% unfavorable.

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