Donald Trump’s Diet Revealed And It’s So Much Worse Than Just KFC And McDonalds, How Is He Still Alive?

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Donald Trump likes his KFC, as evidenced by photos of him eating a bucket of chicken on his plane. He also loves McDonald’s and the taco salad from his restaurant in Trump Tower.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

Trump’s favorite two snacks, which must be in the White House and available at all times are Lay’s potato chips (the original ones in the yellow bag) and Doritos.

For breakfast, which Trump usually skips, it is bacon, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns.

Vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds are completely off the menu-du-jour and instead a concoction of carbs, crisps extremely well-done steaks, make up the bulk of the world leader’s daily eats.

Now lunch is where things get really interesting, as Trump likes to chow down on a nice big slab of meatloaf, but not by itself, he likes it inside a sandwich.

McDonald’s, KFC or Domino’s are often at the top of Trump’s dinnertime fast food choices, as he sits down to munch on a Big Mac or a hearty chicken wing bucket.

His controversial diet, which largely consists of brown, fried food means his weight is at an unhealthy 236 pounds, putting him in the ‘overweight’ category according to his doctor.

His go-to drink? The teetotaler washes meals back with Diet Coke, an ironic choice given that the vain billionaire once tweeted, “I have never seen a thin person drink Diet Coke.”

And for the record, former President Obama’s favorite snacks in the White House were apples and almonds.

With a fork and knife no less:

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