Donald Trump Tweets About The “Massive” Turnout For From This Weekends Pro-Trump Rallies, Only ONE PROBLEM THOUGH!

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Trump’s fragile ego is about to take another massive hit. From the very first day of President Trump’s Presidency he has seen things that simply aren’t there, case and point being his ardent belief that his inaugural crowds were larger than President Obama’s despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

Adding insult to injury the “Women’s March” which took place a day after the inauguration drew a crowd three times larger than the day prior. This isn’t taking into account the 500 separate women’s marches which took place around the country. As a direct response to that Trump’s supporters vowed they would take to the streets to hold a rally of their own.

Trump insisted that his rally would be HUGE. Despite this, the “March For Trump” consisted of not more than a few hundred supporters.

These being Trump rallies it was not entirely surprising that both Confederate and Nazi flags made an appearance.

Via LeftLiberal: Then there is Washington, D.C. in front of Trump Tower where again, perhaps 100 gathered to show their support of President Trump, some of whom accidentally using signs which progressives previously used during anti-Trump protests indicating ties with Russia.

Some of the turnout numbers are likely skewed as well, as many anti-Trump protestors showed up to various pro-Trump demonstration sites. In some cities, the tension between the groups went beyond taunts and things became violent.

Buzzfeed and other news outlets are present on the scene in Washington, many live-streaming the pro-Trump protest via Facebook.

In some of these feeds, followers can hear the kind of rationale that has motivated these people to go out and show their support for Donald Trump. One woman told a Buzzfeed reporter that she likes President Trump because:

‘He’s smart, he runs businesses…he has so many buildings, I trust him….The Bushs, the Clintons and Obamas should pay for this wall, because they created this mess.’

It won’t be too long until we see President Trump take to Twitter to brag about the HUGE size of his crowds.

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