Donald Trump Receives TERRIBLE News, Americans Are Incredibly Unhappy And Want JUSTICE

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Most Americans, 65%, want a special prosecutor to investigate alleged contacts between Donald Trump’s campaign associates and Russian officials, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

About 32% of Americans surveyed said they think Congress is capable of handling an investigation into the Trump team’s Russia ties.

Some 55% of Americans say they are “concerned” by recent reports of the contacts. Trump’s approval rating, however, hasn’t moved much in the wake of those reports. His rating improved by 1 percentage point, to 45% from 44% since January.

From CNN:

Trump’s ratings shift negative on several issues on which he’s made efforts to reverse the course of Obama-era policies at the start of his presidency: Health care (53% disapprove, 43% approve), immigration (55% disapprove, 44% approve), environmental policy (52% disapprove, 42% approve) and foreign affairs (54% disapprove, 41% approve) among them.

Ratings of Trump’s handling of military issues are mixed, with a near even split on national security (50% approve, 49% disapprove) and a slight negative tilt on handling the role of commander in chief (51% disapprove, 47% approve).

As Trump’s budget plan begins to roll out, almost 1 in 10 remain unsure of his handling of the budget and taxes, higher than on other issues. Those who do express an opinion split on his handling of the budget (47% approve, 46% disapprove) and tilt negative on taxes (48% disapprove, 43% approve) and helping the middle class (50% disapprove while 45% approve).

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