Donald Trump, Jr. Makes SHOCKING Claim About His Father At Private Fundraiser

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According to NBC News, Donald Trump Jr. spoke at a GOP fundraiser in Dallas on Saturday, and said that he doesn’t speak to his father anymore since he became president and gave control of his business to him and his younger brother, Eric.

Trump Jr. said, “I basically have zero contact with him at this point,” referring to President Trump.

In January, the two sons took control of the business while President Trump retained his financial interest in the company, something that drew the ire of ethics officials.

“I thought I was out of politics after Election Day and would get back to my regular life and my family,” Trump Jr. said at the fundraiser. “But I couldn’t.”

Saturday was the first time that Trump Jr. had publicly dipped his toe back into politics since his father’s inauguration. He spoke at the annual Reagan Day dinner in Dallas — a key fundraising event for the local Republican group.

Do you believe him?

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