Donald Trump Is Taking Off For Mar-A-Lago Again, And Sets A TERRIBLE Presidential Record

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Donald Trump is heading back to Mar-a-Lago this weekend, making it the fifth weekend he has spent in Florida as president.

Press secretary Sean Spicer announced the Palm Beach trip to reporters during the White House press briefing, offering no other details regarding the purpose of the trip.

Trump has reportedly spent almost a quarter of his time as president at his resort in Florida.

His visits to “the Winter White House,” as Trump refers to it, regularly involve official business as well as golf outings.

In addition, according to CNN Trump is planning to host Chinese President Xi Jinping for a summit next month at Mar-a-Lago.

Here’s a little reminder of what Trump would say when Obama would go on vacation or go golfing. And mind you, Obama didn’t take his first break from the White House until 4 months after his inauguration:

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