Donald Trump Is Going On Vacation Again, And Reveals Incredibly UPSETTING Information!

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Long before he entered the presidential race, Donald Trump would regularly attack former President Barack Obama for visiting a golf course. Now that Trump is sitting in the Oval Office he seems to have no problem taking vacations. In fact, Trump has taken more trips to golf courses and vacation spots during his time as president than any other previous president during the same time period. It has been reported that on March 3rd, Trump is planning yet another excursion away from the White House which will cost the American taxpayer millions of dollars in security fees.

According to the local media in Florida, via

President Donald Trump appears to be planning a trip to Orlando on Friday even as he’s planning his fourth presidential visit to Mar-a-Lago.

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration warned pilots to expect the kinds of restrictions around Orlando that typically accompany Trump’s visits: Flight restrictions 0f about 35 miles and an even stricter restriction of about 11 nautical miles. Those restrictions have been a hallmark of Trump’s visits, but not of trips by Vice President Mike Pence.

This glaring hypocrisy on the part of Trump is rather thick and delicious. Neither Trump, nor his supporters, seem to have an issue with vacations now. One wonders how they were able to get over their vicious outrage to simply accepting that presidents travel often. What is worse is Trump travels to his own properties, which means the taxpayer literally pays Trump for the pleasure of housing his security staff inside his hotel. What a scam!

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