Donald Trump Is BANKRUPTING Business Owners Because Of His NUMEROUS Mar-a-Lago Trips

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President Trump has proven himself to be a hypocrite after taking weekend vacations every chance he gets, a practice he criticized Former President Obama for. Every single trip Trump takes to the “Southern White House” Mar-A-Lago has a bill to the taxpayer of $3 million.

If Trump keeps up his current pace of vacationing in under one year he will have spent more than Obama did over the course of 8 years.

The price tag of Trump’s vacation is not just being absorbed by us, it’s also local businesses that are suffering:

Via AddictingInfo: “We’re basically going broke,” said a spokesperson on behalf of Southern Helicopter when approached for comment by NBC Nightly News. “We were not expecting him to come down almost every weekend.”

Palm Beach County, where Trump’s golfing resort is located, has been forced to absorb the security costs of $1.7 million per weekend. A sum they have not been reimbursed for by the Trump administration.

Via AddictingInfo: Stellar Aviation Group president Jonathan Miller told NBC that his business is losing $30,000 every weekend when Trump is in town. He fears his business will fold if Trump doesn’t halt his trips soon.

Do you think it’s appropriate for Trump’s vacations to harm local businesses to this extent? Comment below and let us know.

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