Donald Trump Hit With Serious Lawsuit, Could Force His Tax Returns Into Discovery

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Donald Trump is being sued again, and this lawsuit could finally reveal Trump’s tax returns.

The owners of a Washington restaurant are suing the Trump International Hotel over unfair competition.

Veritas Law firm representing Cork Wine Bar, which sits about a mile and a half from the hotel, says visiting foreign leaders, diplomats, government officials and lobbyists are going to the property owned by President Trump’s family to curry favor and influence in the Trump administration.

“If they have a party to book, they’re going to book it there first, whether to gain influence with the president, to gain influence with the administration. And he shows up there on weekends, so you get personal face time by going there.”

“It seems to us to be a clear situation in which he’s using his office of the president to get a financial gain at the expense of local businesses.”

Scott Rome, one of Cork Wine Bar’s attorneys stated there has seen a significant decrease in revenue since Trump’s inauguration in January, putting other businesses “in second place” when it comes to hosting guests involved in government business.

According to CNN, this lawsuit is likely to get Trump’s tax return in discovery. That’s why the big legal guns are onto it (obviously this couple’s case is one the Democrats can use to get him on emoluments; Pitts and Gross couldn’t afford to sue Trump, with no damages yet).

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